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May 20 2018

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😻amazing, pt.1

Always need good news stories

Just some positivity, because we could all use some more of this in our lives.



Video games are ephemeral art like drawing in foam on your coffee drink. In twenty years no consumer device will be able to run Dragon Age 2; in fifty years we won’t remember what Dragon Age 2 was even about. Our memory is fallible and our machines are themselves memory, hindered by progression and anti-piracy measures as we are hindered by our own need to enforce the tyranny of story upon lawless experience. DOSBox will not save us. Final Fantasy VII’s code was lost. All code will be lost. In two hundred years one of the Bioshock endings will be “apocrypha;” someone successfully reconstructs an OS that can run it in two hundred and nine years. “The cake is a lie”; nothing beside remains. My Dwarf Fortress worldgen is simple text, printable, archivable, non-human-readable, seafoam. Our legacy will be illegibility. Where lives death if not in us, and in our CD binders.

I met a traveller from an antique land,

Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert… . Near them, on the sand,

Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,

And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;

And on the pedestal, these words appear:

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

— “Ozymandias”, Percy Shelley ca. 1818


Makoto Kino - Sailor Jupiter

I translated this from an italian article, which you can read by yourself here → https://www.animeclick.it/news/209-Sailor+Moon+Kotaro.

Makoto Kino (木 野 ま こ と Kino Makoto) is the fourth Sailor warrior to appear.

Her battle name is Sailor Jupiter, the fighter protected by the planet Jupiter.

In the oriental tradition, the element of wood (extended to green trees and nature in general) is tied to the planet Jupiter and to the green color, which characterizes Makoto’s clothes and her battle costume, green with pink bows, almost to remember a flower. In both civilian and transformed clothes, Makoto always wears a pair of rose-shaped earrings, to emphasize her connection with flowers, trees and nature.

The link is already explained by the name, as the surname of the girl, 木 野 Kino, contains the ideogram 木 ki / moku (wood, tree), which appears both in the Japanese name of Thursday and in that of the planet Jupiter.

The name ま こ と Makoto has the same pronunciation of the ideograms 誠 (sincerity) and 真 (truth). Being the name of the character written in hiragana, it is not clear the meaning that the author wanted to give her, so the full name of the warrior of Jupiter, “Ki no makoto”, can be understood as 木 野 (の) 誠 “the sincerity of the trees” or as 木 野 (の) 真 “the truth of the trees”.

Nature is the source of the powers of Sailor Jupiter, who, especially in the manga, uses attacks related to plants and flowers such as the Flower Hurricane or the Jupiter Coconut Cyclone. The only plant-based attack that appeared in the animated series is the Jupiter Oak Evolution, where oak leaves become an important symbol of the character in both the anime and the manga.

To underline Makoto’s link with nature and green there’s her dream, to become an a florist.

The planet Jupiter, from which Sailor Jupiter draws strength, is the largest of all the Solar System (it is not accidental, therefore, that Jupiter is the highest, the most curvaceous and the one with greater physical strength, among the warriors). Because of its size, which made it more visible than the other celestial bodies, since the times of the ancient Babylonians this planet has been associated with the main deity of the various cults, the so-called “father of the gods” (Indo-European expression from which the Latin Iuppiter). It was also called “planet protector”, and in relation to this Sailor Jupiter is called “warrior of protection”.

Storms and perturbations occur frequently on Jupiter.

The ancient Greeks associated it with Zeus (Ζεύς Zeus) the Jupiter (Iuppiter) of the ancient Romans, who was indeed the father of the gods in their pantheon, but also the lord of lightning and cloud, whose sacred tree, moreover, was just the Oak.

In the manga but also mainly in the anime, many Sailor Jupiter attacks are mainly based on lightning, a characterizing element of Zeus, such as the Supreme Thunder, the Supreme Thunder Dragon or the Sparkling Wide Pressure. Moreover, Jupiter’s battle costume includes a small lightning rod antenna in the manga and in the anime, used to catalyze electricity.

In the comic it is also said that on Jupiter there is a castle called Io Castle which gives Sailor Jupiter the strength to become Eternal Sailor Jupiter.

Io is the name of a Jupiter’s natural satellite, which takes its name from the homonymous character who, according to Greek mythology, was one of the lovers of the god Zeus, later transformed into a heifer because of Hera’s jealousy.

In mythology, Zeus was also known for his numerous extramarital erotic adventures and for the numerous children from different women. It could refer to this aspect of the eponymous god of the planet Jupiter also the leitmotiv that characterizes Makoto in the cartoon, her way to fall in love with almost any boy who appears in the story with the excuse that reminds her a senpai from the past.

Born on December 5th, Makoto is a Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter, whose characteristic flower is the red rose, like those of the earrings worn by the girl.

Those born under this sign are characterized by an expansive character, a great openness of mind and a great humanitarian spirit, all qualities that are well suited to the “warrior of protection” who acts a bit like a mother for the other warriors, cooking good meals for them and acting like a real friend.

She has always been my favorite of the seshi for being a fighter and a carer, strong and yet vulnerable. Still a role model for the kind of woman I want to be.



like whats the average lifespan of an asgardian? like yeah thor is 1500 but what if thats just like 23 in human terms 

googled “asgardian lifespan” found this,


so if thor is currently 1500 years old (said in infinity war)

  • 5100/1500 = 3.4

so thors current age times 3.4 would be the average lifespan of an asgardian

to change that to human terms the average lifespan of a human is about 80 so

  • 80/3.4 

lsdmkfgjdfjsd oh my God… 

thor really out here having the worst time of his life and hes like 23


i’m so puzzled by harry potter fics where hermione’s doing the majority of the childcare instead of ron. hermione is ruthless and driven and a single child and boy does she get easily frustrated with people being stupid or weak. ron’s from a big family with an attentive mom and he’s an extremely sweet and supportive guy. if i was going to pick a full-time parent i’d go with ron every time. 

like ron is the parent that teaches you to read and write and cook and ride a broom and share your toys and make up with your friends. hermione is the parent that picks your schoolyard bully up by the scruff and throws him over the fence and gets banned from all future PTA meetings. 





You know what the Green Heron is basically the best heron because it is like 90% neck so when it is all folded down it looks like a giant head with wings and legs


but then suddenly ZOOP


fucking green herrons

What the fuck

In case you need proof that animals can lie.

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May 11 2018



no offence but let yourself be ugly!! you don’t have to fix your hair if you’re not going anywhere you don’t have to cover up ur spots or change out of your lounge pants to go buy milk like damn we really gotta let ourselves be comfortable without constantly apologising for just looking normal and it’s hard but i think we need to practice looking in the mirror and saying i look ugly af today and that’s okay!! tru self care is letting urself be ugly tbh

I love this version of self-love because it’s much more feasible for people who are self-conscious. Like it takes years of powerful reconditioning to convince yourself that your flaws, like stretch marks or acne or cellulitis, are attractive. It’s basically impossible for most people.

But learning to say “so what, I’m ugly, there’s more to life” not only overwrites this narrative that we have to feel attractive in some way (which is bs) but also reroutes your actual attention to just, living, instead of examining, evaluating, and judging your appearance




The other night husband and I were watching a documentary about the yeti where they were doing DNA analysis of samples of supposed yeti fur, and every one of them came back as bears.

Anyway, the next night we watched a thing about some pig man who is supposed to live in Vermont. People said it had claws and a pig nose but walked upright like a man. Now, I happen to know that sideshows used to shave bears and present them as pig men. So every piece of evidence they gave of this monster sounds to me like a bear with mange.

So now the running joke in our house is that everything is bears. Aliens? Bears. Loch Ness monster? Bear. Every cryptozoological mystery is just a very crafty bear.

Bears. They’re everywhere. Be wary. Anyone or anything could be a bear.

oh shit

Omg the payoff for this post was incredible

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May 05 2018

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reminder series: bleak yet comforting thoughts.

i specifically chose animals that are (or believed to be) extinct due to human influence: thylacine, great auk, baiji, west african black rhino, golden toad, dodo, passenger pigeon, and quagga. there are many other species i could have included. the plants are also based on extinct species, but i found much less information about extinct plants, unfortunately.

the text doesn’t necessarily relate to each animal or their extinction. it’s all basically the same idea: let’s all be nice to each other, because today, the universe is vast and incomprehensible, we are all suffering, we are all going to die, and we’re all in this together. for today.

i’m busy for a couple weeks with conventions, but after that i’m considering a companion series with ancient extinct animals, so feel free to send me your favorites :)

want this as a tattoo? read this.



hi everybody, welcome to another wonderful episode of Weird Biology! I’m your host, Bunjy. 

we’re here today to talk about a seriously adoraweird critter with a heart of gold! (or maybe just fluff, it’s hard to tell)

so put all your emotions in your front pocket where you can reach them and give it up for-


he’s meow-vellous!

the Manul is a smallish wildcat native to the mountains of Central Asia. they are also called the Pallas Cat, after German Naturalist Peter Pallas. however, we won’t be using that name because he was a fucking idiot. 

seriously, he thought the Manul was related to the Persian, which is a breed of domestic cat. (Persians are descended from the African Wildcat just like the rest of housekittydom, sorry Pallas. you moron.) 

also he didn’t discover shit, the native Mongolians have been calling it the Manul since the first human to meet one got their shins clawed off hundreds of years ago.


and their scientific name, Otocolobus manul, means “ugly eared Manul”. where are these scientists, I will fight them. FACE ME, COWARDS.

Manuls are about the size of a housecat, weighing up to 10 pounds. however unlike a housecat which is composed of about 30% fluff, the Manul is composed of nearly 110% fluff. there’s barely any cat in there at all! you could probably stick your hand right through. try it yourself! go ahead, I’ll watch from back here. 

what? I just like to keep 10 feet and a solid barrier between myself and other people at all times. do it. you can trust me.


(no you can’t)

anyway as you have possibly just found out from the emergency room doctor, there is in fact some cat inside the Manul’s grand fluff and it is not fond of being pawed at by people. (Manuls make terrible pets, so get that thought out of your head right fucking now. go see them at the zoo like everyone else.) it’s a shame, because that fur coat is goddam luxurious

in fact, the Manul has the longest and thickest fur of any wildcat! this is because they live only at high elevations (up to 16,000 feet, which is 15,997 feet higher than I will tolerate), where the weather is windy and brutally cold. you’ve probably also noticed their tiny Garfield ears, which help to minimize heat loss. this combo keeps them toasty warm on otherwise bare mountainsides.


at least until Jim Davis sues them for copyright infringement.

though all these biology facts are very interesting, I must confess they aren’t the reason that I’ve chosen the Manul for this week’s topic. the real reason is that they’re a bunch of hyperemotive memelords.

no seriously, the Manul has catapulted (har!) to internet fame in recent years because their round faces, wide expressive eyes and stubby bodies combine to form a perfect emotive machine. this cat can express emotions that haven’t been invented yet, let alone named.


let’s call this one "Swoom”

seriously, how can you top that? it’s like a living emoticon.


this is “Woderous”

okay, where were we before I got distracted by cat memes? *paper rustles* ah, right. the spite chapter.

Manuls are ambush predators, despite their fluffy bulk. they mostly eat Pika, (sorry, Pokemon fans) a small rabbity creature that squeaks a lot and doesn’t really deserve the fame Nintendo gave it. Manuls are solitary animals and live alone.

(this sounds sad, but it’s actually because every Manul hates every other Manul in existence and not even god himself can change this)


this is not the face of a creature that enjoys the company of others.

Manuls avoid each other, keeping fiercely to their individual territories. the only contact adult cats have with each other at all is during the breeding season, which is pathetically short. after briefly working together to make some kittens, the Manuls part ways. (presumably while avoiding eye contact.)

after about three months the female gives birth to 2-6 bouncing baby kittens, which all hate each other immediately. seriously, Manul kittens growl and hiss at their littermates before they can even open their eyes! talk about sibling rivalry. once the kittens are old enough to make it alone, they’ll take off in different directions and never call home again.


like the Brady Bunch, except very much not.

unfortunately the Manul is classified as Near Threatened in most of their range. human encroachment and environmental destruction takes a toll, but most of the problem is a little more cartoon villain-y than you’d expect.

see, humans really really really like that plush fur coat, but they like it even better as an actual fur coat. (I was going to make a 101 Manuls joke here but it was just too depressing.) Manuls are still hunted for their fur in a fair amount of their range, though that is beginning to change. many nations are putting protections in place for our favorite stubby emotion machine, and we can only hope this is enough to save the wonderful pile of antisocial fluff that is the Manul.


thanks for reading! you can find the rest of the Weird Biology series here.

if you enjoy my work, maybe buy me a coffee to support Weird Biology.


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Paint it black

From the label on the bottle:

Instructions: Thin with water to increase flow as required. Paint with it.

Stuart Semple is so full of gentle but pointed snark and a burning desire for accessible art, I love him. I love that no matter what Anish Kapoor does, Stuart Semple will be there, making fun of him and selling affordable art supplies to anyone who wants them.

Iit smells like black cherry? Fuck yes

Is that the same guy that gave him a middle finger by making the wordest brightest pink and putting in the terms of use that the Vantablack asshole is the only man not allowed to use it?

I love this because it’s like watching a comic book fight between an art themed hero and his super villain nemesis that wants to keep all the art things to himself. 

Yes, and that same jerk broke said terms of use by having someone get him the pink pigment and he then literally gave Semple and the world the middle finger, after dipping it in the pink pigment. No class whatsoever.

Semple responded by somehow getting Vanta Black (or his own newly made pigment, can’t remember which) and giving the peace sign to everyone with two voided out fingers. Seriously, they looked like a bad video edit.

Sounds like he’s attempting to flush his reputation down the crapper with keeping such a huge advance in art technology to himself AND throwing a tempter tantrum over the backlash.

I’m glad this Semple dude is standing up his bullshit. 

Ya’ll are missing one very important point: Vantablack is caustic. Direct skin contact can cause really gnarly chemical burns. Despite that, the “void is staring back at you” black is something just about any artist would want to experiment with, even if you need to handle it as a hazmat chemical.

So, Semper’s peace sign in his own “deep space between stars” black is downright incredible as it’s SAFE. Anyone can use it, it even smells good without the scent affecting the color or consistency.

An artist in his studio whipped up a safe alternative to a pigment that chemical engineers have to make in a controlled lab.

Semper’s vengence led to a breakthrough that benefits artists of all levels the world over, and that’s just lovely.

It’s like he used the power of righteous hatred the same way some people use the power of love.

His intense need to spite the VB asshole let to him making a scientific breakthrough that shits all over his product. 

Spite is humanity’s greatest power. I love it.


“Ich bin mit der Gesamtsituation unzufrieden!”

— German proverb, applicable to any situation in life

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What a happy life would look like for me.

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We’re celebrating Siblings Day with these matching dresses worn by the Stetson sisters, granddaughters of the founder of Stetson hats. The sisters enjoyed dressing alike, so when Ann, age eighteen, chose a pink tulle dress for her 1927 debut party, Elizabeth, age twenty, had the same model made in aqua.

La Belle Rose” Dress, 1927, by Madame Meeley, Philadelphia

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Meet Pickles, aka “Catosaurus.” He was rescued in Boston and he’s over 3 feet long.


Huge motherfucker

In awe at the size of this lad

1895 2192









Still my favorite story from the Lord of the Rings set: Viggo Mortensen bonded so much with the horse he rode in the movies that after filming was over he bought it from its owner. If that doesn’t warm your heart I don’t know what could.

don’t forget that he also bought arwen’s horse for her stunt rider when she couldn’t afford it awww

#also don’t forget that for the rohirrim they put a call out for locals #bring a horse show us you can ride it and get a part in the battle scenes #and one women went out roped a wild horse and rode for a few days to set #and got to be a rider of rohan

also sort of relevant viggo also bought the horse that costarred with him in the movie hidalgo and subsequently took the horse (tj) with him to the red carpet premier. 

Also most of the Riders of Rohan are actually women because when they put out that call mostly women showed up with their horses and the costume team just stuck beards on them.

if this isn’t the best post i don’t

So you’re saying the entire Rohan army could have killed the Witch-King of Angmar.

Witch King: No living man can kill me!

several thousand riders of Rohan: *rip their fake beards off*

Witch King: Oh fuck…



it’s so common for “being straight & cis is normal” people to get hung up on what’s most evolutionarily “efficient” like they come at you with “if Men and Women didn’t have sex and continue the species we wouldn’t have made it this far so it doesn’t make sense to be anything but Straight and Cis,” and I really want to ask them when humans have Ever Ever Ever picked the most efficient route. Why did we ever leave the equator then in the first place, to willfully live on tundras and freezing islands where not much grows? 

Why did people move to mountains where future generations needed to be born with bigger lungs to breathe right?

Why have humans historically, for tens of thousands of years, cared for the sick and the disabled and the injured even thought that wouldn’t be an “efficient” use of resources? Why did we ever develop a sense of compassion at all?

Why did any human ever leave home to cross an ocean, or a desert, or a jungle, hoping to find a way to live whether they ended up?

We have never followed the rule of “efficiency.” In fact, read any reputable paper on human evolution and success, and you’ll see it argue that our refusal to follow the “efficient” road is what actually made the human species so successful–that our unrivaled adaptability and unprecedented resilience in an ever-changing world is what put us on top for so long.

So if you can’t keep up with “all these new genders and sexualities,” it seems like you’re the inefficient one, the weak link, and you’re going to get picked out and left behind.

My backyard is a fairly wild and untended little patch of woods, and there’s more than one kind of tree there.  There’s maples, oaks, beech, birch, and a couple pines.  Which is interesting, because a really naive approach to ecology would suggest that a single Best Tree would exist for the conditions of my backyard, and the woods would optimize themselves to be entirely made up of whatever the Best Tree is.

But more often in the real world, the optimal solution is an equilibrium of multiple species.  Asking “which is stronger: oaks or maples?” misses the point that a diverse forest is stronger than a solid block of any one tree.  It’s also more true to the history of the land, and more likely to produce a sustainable future.

So you see.

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